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Logistic Services

JokiLaakeri’s logistics services will make warehousing, shelving and inventory management easier than ever before!

SmarttiStart is a new kind of intelligent logistics system, which brings inventory management and shelving logistics to the smart age. For example, the new RFID system enables data transfer from the customer’s product or maintenance inventory systems immediately when the availability of a product drops below the alarm limit. This means that instead of typing a separate order, the customer can place an order for the desired products with the press of a button.

Among other useful features, SmarttiPlus enables the collection of statistics for specific machines and production locations, and the electronic management of product data directly on customer premises.


SmarttiStart is an effortless and cost-efficient way to handle shelving. The service is based on RFID technology, which ensures fast and reliable data transfer. SmarttiStart boasts low start-up and maintenance costs, and it is perfect for environments where it is necessary to ensure the continuous availability of products –  for example, maintenance and initial installation environments.

When the alarm limit is reached for a shelved product, a restock order can be made with one touch.  Flip the green switch to red and the order is on its way. The alarm limits have been set to ensure that no products can run out. The supplier receives the order immediately and can view the shelf availability in real time.


SmarttiPlus is an extended shelving service, which can be used to tailor inventory monitoring to the requirements of each company. The reporting tool enables you to monitor consumption precisely according to calculated metrics (person, machine, project, cost unit). With the SmarttiPlus service, you can outsource inventory management to Jokilaakeri.

The customer and JokiLaakeri agree upon the product selection, restock points, quantities and product placements covered by the service. JokiLaakeri puts together the customer’s product selection in accordance with the agreement and marks the products accordingly. The customer can record consumption data with a barcode reader, for example. All information is available on a cloud server and can be accessed on a computer, tablet or other mobile devices with a connected barcode reader.

The product quantities are always up-to-date and shelf extractions show up in the JokiLaakeri systems in real time. The customer can also always edit the restock points and quantities.


SmarttiPremium is a logistical model for handling and managing logistics between the customer and the production factory.

The key elements are centralisation, development and a focus on core expertise.
In SmarttiPremium, all procurement, warehousing and product flow management operations are centralised and handled by JokiLaakeri.

Close cooperation with the customer is a key aspect of SmarttiPremium.

Customer example

JokiLaakeri receives a report on required products and a long-term forecast from the customer. The customer provides a list of the required products, including preliminary dates. The last-minute updates take place about one month before delivery, after which the customer submits the final order to JokiLaakeri.

JokiLaakeri stores all products according to the agreement.

The deliveries are shipped according to the customer’s wishes in kits or individual packages, for example.

JokiLaakeri handles approximately 500,000 kilograms a year, i.e. roughly 1,000 pallets.
~ 18,775 bearings ~ 1,800 orders
~ 460 bearings a week ~ 45 orders a week

The manufacturer is responsible for the quality and warranty of the products and provides technical support where necessary.

The factory manufacturers the products and JokiLaakeri submits preliminary reservations for the products directly to production.

The manufacturer receives the orders and delivers the products directly to JokiLaakeri.

The customer makes the product orders four weeks before delivery to JokiLaakeri.
The customer provides long-term forecasts on the products as well as an updated annual forecast at agreed intervals.

The customer receives the products from JokiLaakeri itemised under specific projects (“kitting”).