Jokilaakeri Oy



With an agreement signed June 14 2019, Nomo Kullager AB has taken over the ownership of JokiLaakeri Oy.

At the same time, it has been agreed that Jori Paatsjoki will continue as Managing Director of JokiLaakeri. The deal does not affect JokiLaakeri’s current operations or the number of employees. The starting point is, of course, that our customer relationships will continue as before.

Nomo is part of the Axel Johnson Group, one of the largest industrial groups in the Nordic countries. Nomo employs 115 people and has a turnover of approximately EUR 40 million. The CEO of the company is Mattias Jaginder.

“The reason behind the deal is that JokiLaakeri’s operations are becoming increasingly international. We have become internationally fast and this challenge of internationalization requires new resources – faster bigger growth.

I have learned to trust that Nomo identifies and understands JokiLaakeri’s skills and wishes to continue this work. We have a common will to grow into a major player as technical specialists. At the same time, the merger will enable JokiLaakeri to serve new customers.

Our cooperation has been important to us. I will be happy to answer questions if they occur.”


Best regards,

Jori Paatsjoki

+358 400 638 051


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